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Testimonials for our Vending & Integrated Solutions

Paul Nelson

Operations Superintendent - Fabrication Division at GMT Corporation

Brian Olson (Mid Iowa Tools Integration Manager) successfully helped us introduce welding consumables and welding PPE vending on the shop floor. We realized a 60+ % decrease in the first three months. Much of this can be attributed to Brian's ability to make the project successful regardless of the customer's lack of experience in this new endeavor. His patience, expertise and attention to detail are unsurpassed in this specialty.


Allan Zuber

Tool Room & Press Superintendent - Williamsburg Manufacturing

Mid Iowa Tools has supported our vending program since 2005 and it has proven to save our department time and money many times over. We have eliminated stock outs of high priority, high use items thanks to their proactiveness managing the vending program. They also identify slow and high usage items so stocking levels can be adjusted.


Nancy Schurman

Stockroom Coordinator - 3M

We thank you for the excellent service we get from Mid Iowa Tools...They go the extra mile every day! They are a team we can depend on and have for many years. Please pass on our thanks to them from 3M Knoxville . ...We've had a lot of other suppliers knocking hard on our doors but no one has been able to match the service we get from Mid Iowa Tools.


Jason Albright

Manufacturing Engineer - Modine Manufacturing Company

We are extremely pleased with the performance of Mid Iowa Tools and their vending program. The vending machine is extremely reliable, and the service and support we get is incredible. They set up our system the way we wanted it, and tool shortages have been non-existent. We now have the accountability, control and information we sought all along.


Stephanie Kruger

Buyer - Seneca Foundry

When I took over the purchasing role at our company, one of my biggest gripes was controlling our inventory over PPE items. We had a Kanban system in place, but struggled with it in this area. After looking at several different vendors, some that we had previously worked with, some not, I decided to go with Mid Iowa Tools. The set-up of the machine was very minimal on my part, Brian (Mid Iowa Tools Integration Manager) handled everything.... The training on our machine was also easy. We have had our vending machine in place for a little over a year and I am thrilled with it! The number one thing to me is the cost savings. Not only did we have a huge reduction in usage, but we were able to get better pricing on many of the items that we were previously purchasing. I am so impressed with how overall easy this has been and how well it has worked for our company and employees.


Scott McRobbie

Tooling Manager - SACMI USA

The vending machine supplied has been working well and I wish we had done this 5 years ago. It has benefited us well in the reordering where nothing goes unseen and from this our inventory is always up to date. The support from Brian has been exceptional and he has made it for a very user friendly operation as far as moving parts in and out of stock....Very happy with the complete service and the vending machine Mid Iowa Tools installed.