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SupplyPro - Product Family

SupplyPro has the solution for integrated state-of-the-art inventory management hardware and software

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Individual compartment control in a standard shop floor cabinet at the Point-of-Use. Compatible with Lista, Stanley-Vidmar and Rousseau cabinets, Smartdrawer is available for new shop floor cabinets or can be retrofitted to existing cabinets – drawer by drawer.

No repackaging!


All the benefits of the SmartDrawer but now with the ability to weigh removed items. Unlike open bin inventory options, SupplyScale uses a patented managed bin system, Secure BinT, which eliminates the potential for cross-bin contamination, theft and unauthorized access. Replenishment is equally accurate, and stocking time is significantly reduced.


Maximum control of 400+ parts in a single cabinet.


Industrial locker management of consumable, returnable, serialized and calibrated tools and supplies.


SupplyPro’s SupplyBay 3.0 is engineered for harsh, industrial environments to deliver reliable high-volume dispenses year-after-year for a wide range of industrial tools and supplies.


SupplyAgent provides door-level control and quick access to a wide range of materials and supplies. Easy to use and manage, the SupplyAgent stores a high volume of materials in a small footprint.


The SupplyPad from SupplyPro provides mobile materials control for barcode tagged materials wherever they are located at your facility. The SupplyPad includes all of the reporting capabilities of SupplyPro’s industry-leading SupplyPort software in a handheld device. The SupplyPad’s device software supports all of our normal functionality including kitting and order-based fulfillment..


Intuitive touch-screen controller that is the universal control module driving SupplyPro’s Point-of-Use devices. It's the gateway to the SupplyPort and a world of productivity-enhancing information.


SupplyPro is the industry leader in integration. Eliminate data entry and leverage your existing systems!  


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