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Custom Maintenance

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Programs

Preventative maintenance (PM) is defined as a program in which wear, tear, and change are anticipated and continuous corrective actions are taken to ensure peak efficiency and minimize deterioration. PM involves a planned and controlled program of systematic inspection, adjustment, lubrication, and replacement of components, as well as performance testing and analysis. The result of a successful PM program extends the life of your compressed air equipment, and minimizes unscheduled downtime that causes major problems.

Mid Iowa Tools Compressed Air Division (MIT CAD) takes a proactive role in the analysis of your equipment, and identifying the most cost effective service tasks and time cycles. Vibration analysis is one of the programs we utilize, and is used in our facility for equipment rebuilds to develop baselines for future analysis.

MIT CAD recommends service tasks and time intervals for all equipment in the PM system. As new equipment comes on line, a MIT CAD Service Technician will gather nameplate data and operational load information in the field. We will review the data, and assign initial service tasks and intervals. As the PM system runs, a service/failure history will develop for each piece of equipment, and data can then be extracted by equipment type. Important elements within this operational phase that must be closely monitored include an assessment of appropriate PM tasks, as well as proper frequency. An effective preventive maintenance program is not static, but needs regular review and updating in order to remain viable and effective because as equipment hours increase so to does the maintenance required.

For additional information on MIT CAD's Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Programs, contact us at 319.366.8363 or email: