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Air System Audits

Bottom-Line Savings

Because low total cost of ownership is a priority to our customers, we have developed our air audit program as another way to help our customers improve their overall operating performance by reducing energy costs. Mid Iowa Tool's air audits are a proven method through which we provide our customers with a measurable benchmark and a clear path to bottom-line savings and return on investment.

We help maximize the full potential of your air system by measuring the flow of the system relative to demand, and benchmarking them against best practices.


Measurable return on investment

Based on our advanced air audits and engineering expertise, we recommend system level strategies that generate immediate savings and measurable returns on investment. We are able to significantly reduce a plant's energy, maintenance, and back-up expenses.


Lower operating costs

An air audit can stabilize system pressure, replace worn compressors with more efficient units and reduce compressed air waste. Consequently, the air system can operate more efficiently with less compressor capacity and at a lower system pressure, translating into lower costs for our customers.

For additional information, or a proposal on how this service can save your company money, call us at 319.366.8363 or email at: